1. Install via npm

BinStorm available on npm and can be installed using npm

# globle install (recommanded)
npm install -g binstorm

# local install
npm install --save binstorm

2. Create BinStorm config and style file

We provide CLI to make easy to configure BinStorm in your project.

# If you installed it globally
binstorm init

# If you installed it locally
./node_modules/.bin/binstorm init

3. Use BinStorm in your project

To apply and use BinStorm style in your project, You need to just import generated theme/styles.js in your file

import { apply } from './theme/styles.js'
    <View style={apply('bg-grey border rounded-full')}>
        <Text style={apply('text-black text-sm font-bold')}>
        Hello World